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The Importance of Technology in Asset Management

September 4, 2013

Having been active as a trader in the stock market for nearly 30 years, Scott Kimple has seen the evolution of the marketplace and its tools firsthand. As owner of Warrington Asset Management in Dallas, Texas, Scott Kimple is one of many asset managers utilizing modern technology to help gain the trust of his funds’ investors.

Volatility of the global market has caused investors to place larger emphasis on transparency and flexible pricing arrangements, and advancements in technology have created ways for asset management companies to foster longer professional relationships.

One of the most prevalent new developments in this regard is the use of automatic billing. An automated system allows asset managers to offer flexible fee structures and ensure billing accuracy without dedicating additional resources. Technology also allows companies to offer more comprehensive services by bundling products. The evolving business market has made individual charges a thing of the past, and investors now seek an efficient way of navigating prices. In order to manage billing and revenue, firms are turning more and more to integrated systems. Using these platforms, managers are better able to track billing and revenue and manage multiple professional arrangements. The overall result is a greater sense of transparency and partnerships that are highly customizable.


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